Is Kundli Matching by Date of Birth a Good Choice?

 In Hindu culture, horoscope matching is an important element to determine the right match for a marriage. Ideal match of bride and groom's horoscopes ensure the compatibility of the couple for this sacred bond and a happy married life. The Vedic astrology highly supports horoscope matching for finding the suitability of a marriage.

While Kundali matching, there are 8 main categories called Kootas which are taken into account. All the 36 Gunas are divided among these 8 categories. Therefore, the Kundali matchmaking analysis focuses around Kootas and Gunas basically.

By providing the date of birth, time and place of birth of the bride and groom, anyone can create a marriage compatibility chart from our website at This way, we have made horoscope matchmaking a way simpler and quicker thing for you.

With online horoscope matching, the process becomes simpler as you just need to put in your birth details like DOB, TOB and place of birth with your name and same details for the partner and the whole result will be on screen with details of Gunas in all Kootas.

How horoscope matching encourages compatible marriage –

People in India have a great trust in Guna Milan as they prefer taking horoscope matching before making a marriage decision. It is also believed that Kundali Dosha leads to separation or breaks up in marriage. Hence, a majority of Hindu people give horoscope matching a preference whenever a marriage proposal is being considered.

Earlier, the practice of Kundali matching was being done by an astrologer or a priest. Though these days, anyone can get Kundali matching online. It can be done in two ways – Either by name or by Date of Birth.

If you choose to go with the option of horoscope matching by name, you only need to put in the name of the bride and groom. This practice is termed as Guna Milan based on name because it encompasses marriage compatibility analysis through bride and groom's Gunas testing using names.

Second option is horoscope matching by date of birth which is termed as Janam Patrika Kundali matching. This practice follows Ashtakoota method concentrated around the date of birth of both bride and groom.

To have the most accurate and simple horoscope matching, use our marriage compatibility calculator available at, and get the Kundali result in a matter of few seconds on your screen. This compatibility score of marriage horoscope describes the compatibility of bride with groom to learn about mental, physical and emotional match for the two.

Here, it is required to understand that the Kundali matching by date of birth - the second Ashtakuta Method based option is regarded as the most reliable one. The experienced astrologers like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi always recommend Kundali matching by date of birth.

What horoscope matching report includes –

Horoscope matching or Kundali Milan is not a kind of mandate, but more like a belief that people have faith in. It is a ritual in Hindus that people visit an astrologer and get horoscope matching before finalizing a marriage proposal.


In this process, the horoscopes of bride and groom are being matched to determine the consonance of all planets and stars in their natal chart. As earlier mentioned, there are eight categories with 36 Gunas divided around; it is all about finding the number of Gunas matching Bride's horoscope with that of Groom's for the compatibility.

The horoscope matching report also covers the prediction on Shubh Muhurat for marriage. And if you have got the Kundali matched from a reliable source like you can find assurance on a happy, blissful and a long relationship.

For ideal Kundali matching results, 3 major elements contribute: Guna Milan score, Navamsa Chart and Manglik Dosha consideration.

What is the ideal number of Gunas for a perfect horoscope match –

For a perfect Kundali match, the ideal Guna score should range between 18 to 24 Guna. Any matching below 18 Guna is considered a wrong match or not recommended for marriage. The Kundali Milan score that exceeds 24 Guna would be great indicating an ideal match for a great married life.

Based on marriage horoscope score, the prediction of the marriage compatibility or possibility will be as below –

Below 18 – Not recommended

18 to 24 – Recommended but average match

24 to 32 – Good match and always recommended

32 to 36 – Highly recommended as heavenly match

How much we should rely on online marriage horoscope-

Like traditional matchmaking, online marriage horoscope considers similar factors to create results for marriage compatibility between bride and groom. The best thing about online matchmaking is that you don't have to go to any astrologer in person and the reliability level is higher as compared to the traditional approach.

The online marriage horoscope report is system generated, and hence, the chances of human error are unavailable. The calculator follows Kundali matching by date of birth and time and hence, delivers the ideal Guna result with comprehensive detailing.

Kundali matching by date of birth and Kundali matching by name – which is more accurate –

Kundli matching by date of birth requires the DOB details of the bride and groom whereas Kundali matching by name utilizes only name. Now, the chances of accuracy are obvious to be seen in Date of Birth based Kundali Milan because it focuses on the planet's conditions at the time of bride and groom's birth. But, when it comes to my name, the base becomes very weak. It is because very few people these days have names based on their Kundali, which is why calculations cannot be accurate.

As we firmly recommend Kundali Milan by date of birth, our online marriage horoscope calculator follows the same process and presents the result that is reliable and impactful for the couples.

Marriage horoscopes analysed by a responsible and reputed astrologer like Dr. Vinay Bajrangi can make your marriage pleasant with least possibilities of separation or post marriage issues. Even the astrological remedies, Dr. Bajrangi suggests, can help fixing if any Dosha is spotted in Janam Kundali. So, visit consult our online marriage horoscope now and step ahead for a happy and prosperous married life. 

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